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Immerse yourself into the world of Passive 3D

NS Glasses lens is coated with Color Switching Technology tuned to receive a specific pattern of light that brings games to life, offering up to 18% 3D Perspective.

How does it work? By simply tuning the Lens to receive a specific pattern of colors - the Lens passively zooms at a set of preliminary  colors turning your game into 3D.  

Experience (iMax Theater-Like) 600” inch screen size.

NS Glasses magnifies Nintendo Switch’s screen to an unbelievable Theater-like size for the best Gaming experience.

Improves screen resolution by smoothing pixel count.

Lens Third layer smooth’s pixel count to make the impression of high resolution, improving Graphics quality and readability. 

exklim NS Glasses 3D VR Headset for Nintendo Switch

Secure & Friendly ergonomic Design.

NS Glasses Lock mechanism Design ensures that your Switch stays in place during gameplay.

Access to all Switch’s Mission Control I/O, such as Headphone Jack, USB-C | DC-IN, JoyCon Rails, Volume and power buttons. 

exklim NS Glasses 3D VR Headset for Nintendo Switch

Accessible JoyCon Rail-Locks charges the JoyCons when the Switch is plugged.

Fan Intake/Outtake Design ensures proper cooling. 

No Eye-Focus adjustments ✅


The Headset Lens is set to a perfect distance between your eyesight and the Console, so you will never bother adjusting for every single user.

No Eye-Tiredness ✅


The Distance between your eyes and the console’s screen is far enough to comfortably pass through long periods of sessions, making it comfortable to the eye.

No Motion-Sickness ✅


Since is a single Lens that leads the fun, your eyes no longer need to be jumping around, just relax and enjoy your favorite Tittle. 

Adjustable & Comfort Design ✅


Immerse into your Game for longer periods of time with NS Glasses comfortable soft Face-Pad. Adjustable Headband ensures everyone gets to play.

Compatible with all current Games ✅


Developers no longer need to be bothered making games that are only compatible with High-End Hardware.  Color Switching Technology takes the load so current Switch games are fully compatible with the NS Glasses.

That’s it, Just drop and play! ✅


No, the Nintendo Switch is not VR capable, but! The NS Glasses will Switch the Switch into 3D thanks to Color Switching Technology. 

Birefringent Lens

No more spending millions of dollars developing and tuning games to work with the current 3D solutions. Color Switching Technology is our proprietary (Patent Pending) technology that drives the NS Glasses. 


Example: A landscape is comprised of green trees, roads, mountains, sky and clouds. The Lens passively zooms at the most critical colors which are, Green for trees, White for clouds (leaving the Blue Sky behind), Red for sparkles that guns or explosions usually make, plus some other set of colors that are critical to make a 3D image. Our technology doesn’t require any Game Development intervention as it works with all current games.


We are working day & night to improve this technology to a point where we can fully substitute VR.
NS Glasses can substance 18% 3D Perspective compared to Active VR, so we are almost there.

This is not just new, but an opportunity for Low-End Hardware like the Nintendo Switch to flawlessly fit into the world of 3D.

NS Glasses

 $89 USD (10% OFF) 

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Welcome to the world of passive 3D